Sectors and Products


Components for chassis, radiators and vehicle air conditioning, engines and braking systems.


Urban and airport furniture and facades for large structures.


Components for domestic kitchens such as taps and gas regulators.


Interior components for seats, tables, luggage racks, parts for carriages.


Components for intallation and fixing of solar panels on roofs


Structural components for the creation of chandeliers and similar

Specific products of MM Solar Division

  • Anodised aluminium frames: 15 My anodisation, cutted, machined (sltos) and assembled
  • Omega ultragrip – 35 series, singola o doppia Omega
  • Omega ultragrip – 35 series, assembled, single or double Omega, With insert, M8 steel screw and slider.
  • Accessories: Angles, inserts, M8 steel screws, connectors, sliders
  • Meliconi supports and modules for campers and caravans

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