Our sectors of excellence include:

  • Automotive: Components for motor-vehicle chassis, engines, radiators, air conditioners, and braking systems.
  • Construction: Inner and outer frameworks for large-size / high-rise buildings.
  • Household: Components for home kitchens such as water and gas faucets.
  • Railroad industry: Components for seating systems, tables, luggage racks, and coaches.
  • Leisure and recreation: Components for RVs.
  • Lighting
  • Solar power

Specific products of MM – Solar division 

  • Anodised aluminium frames: 15 My anodisation, cutted, machined (sltos) and assembled
  • Omega ultragrip – serie 35, single or doubled Omega
  • Omega ultragrip – serie 35,  assembled, single or doubled Omega, with insert, M8 steel screw, slider nuts.
  • Accessories: angles
  • Accessories: Inserts, screws, slider nuts,

Meliconis’ TV Brackest, supports and modules for Motorhomes