Branded or non-branded processing? Either case, we can do it.

We at MM Automotive process components stemming from extruded and drawn light alloys such as aluminum, bronze, copper, and brass. We perform high-precision CNC mechanical machining, which includes dime-thin cuts with tolerances of up to 0.02 mm by means of numerically controlled cropping machines as well as the tumbling, washing, punching, and deburring of complex components.
Upon special request, we even provide surface treatments and paint jobs.

Among the additional services we offer are

Order flow managemenT
CP and CPK definition
FMEA analysis
PPAP sampling
Technical support aimed at optimizing materials and solutions
Collection and shipment services

Our sectors of excellence include

Automotive: Components for motor-vehicle chassis, engines, radiators, air conditioners, and braking systems.
Construction: Inner and outer frameworks for large-size / high-rise buildings.
Household: Components for home kitchens such as water and gas faucets.
Railrad industry: Components for seating systems, tables, luggage racks, and coaches.
Leisure and recreation: Components for RVs.
Solar power