The MM way to excellence

We at MM Automotive stand for above-average know-how, the relentless pursuit of process and product improvements, and the importance we lend to human experience and expertise. Our Technical Department is looking forward to contributing to the development and manufacturing of the products you wish. Be it in small numbers or on an industrial scale.

OUR METHOD boosts efficiency at every stage of every process.

Feasibility study

Custom-tailored by our technical and sales departments through a painstaking process of analysis. Besides: you will receive our detailed feedback within just a few working days, as timeliness always makes a difference.

Product definition, sampling, and testing which culminate in the issuance of our best offer. Once the cornerstones of one’s project of choice have been set, your order is forwarded to our production department. That is where your designs are weighed in the deepest of details, namely their shapes, sizes, and the ways they are machined. The high-end outcomes we stand for in the metal processing sector is but the result of the extreme care we devote to production quality and streamlining.


Once ready for production on an industrial scale, small batches and lots are manufactured just as accurately. The extensive use of cutting-edge technology and our utmost attention to each and every single piece are the very features that make us stand apart.