Our mission

For over 20 years, we at MM Automotive have been committed to pursuing and upholding quality standards of sheer excellence. We are concerned about fostering everyone’s competence and reliability as well as workplace health and safety, and promoting environmental protection and conservation in no uncertain terms. By relentlessly improving ourselves, we add value both to our efforts and those of our Customers. We make sure everyone enjoys the competitive advantage of our dependable on-site support and, more generally speaking, attitude towards supplier-customer cooperation.

Our vision

We work hard to fully comprehend the logic underlying our customers’ business models, operations, processes, the way they generate value, their vision of themselves, and what tells them apart from competitors. In essence, we seek to play a critical role in developing and implementing the projects they take to heart.

Our values

The key values of our mission and vision include:

  • Supplier-customer empathy
  • Strong commitment to innovation
  • Timeliness and accuracy in performing
  • Full accountability
  • A lean approach to manufacturing and delivering
  • An outstanding degree of technical know-how
  • A proactive attitude towards criticalities
  • Unconditioned integrity of principles and conduct

1985  PLANT  Berlingo  BS  ITALY

 400 Mq

2008  PLANT HQ Office Coccaglio  Z.I.  BS  ITALY

1000 Mq