High Precision Mechanical Machining
Production and  marketing of leight-alloy parts 

Via Marco Polo, 45 – Coccaglio Bs (Italy)
TEL. +39 030 7709045 – FAX +39 030 7249397
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We at MM Automotive process components stemming from extruded and drawn light alloys such as aluminum, bronze, copper, and brass. We perform high-precision CNC mechanical machining, which includes dime-thin cuts with tolerances of up to 0.02 mm by means of numerically controlled cropping machines as well as the tumbling, washing, punching, and deburring of complex components.

Upon special request, we even provide surface treatments and paint jobs.

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What drives us

Is our synergetic approach to your success. We at MM Automotive stand out for our wide range of skills and resources in making and/or processing high-quality metal components for various uses and sectors. Our team responds to technical challenges by developing nothing but custom-tailored, fully integrated solutions. Not only do we deliver a top-of-the-notch product – we uncompromisingly adhere to our customers’ business models through a lean approach to production and a factual, level-headed attitude. For quick execution is paramount.

Customer Focus

We have always been committed to gaining some solid, in-depth comprehension of the processes each of our customers has made their own and ensuring outstanding technical standards are met at each stage, which in turn is synonymous with drastic declines in delays and glitches, while at the same time boosting value-added and profitability for all parties involved.


Our and our partners’ commitment to integrity warrants that we assume an outspokenly proactive role in ensuring our conduct reflects the highest possible ethical standards.